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Ishmal Hamid

Calgary, AB

Hi! We are Raameen and Ishmal Hamid, and we are undergraduate students at the University of Calgary studying biological sciences. We immigrated to Canada in 2012 from the U.A.E. We have experienced adjusting to life in Canada, and starting multiple new schools, as we have moved around a lot! As community members, we have been active in volunteering with newcomer organizations such as the Regina Open door society since highschool. We are passionate about giving immigrant youth support and opportunities to participate in their new communities and adapt to their new homes in Canada!

Homework Help for Immigrant Youth (HHIY.YYC)

HHIY.YYC is an immigrant lead club for newcomer youth in Calgary. This club provides educational and mentorship opportunities for newcomers in Canada. they have opportunities for social gatherings to combat isolation and allow newcomers to familiarize themselves with their new community.

About this Project

Communities Served

My project will involve and/or impact the following communities:

  • Refugees & newcomers
  • Vulnerable individuals (e.g. those experiencing addiction, abuse)

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

When it comes to community impact projects, the UN has created 17 Sustainable Development Goals. These are the Sustainable Development Goals associated with my project.

  • SDG 2: Zero hunger
  • SDG 1: No poverty
  • SDG 3: Good health and Well-being

How the project works

Our project has already started. we first need to recruit 20 members to become a recognized club at the university of Calgary. Next, we will hold events to welcome our new club members and volunteers. In the fall we will begin the tutoring and mentorship.

Project Impact

Our project provides the newcomer youth with guidance in educational and social opportunities. It will allow them to feel more at ease in their new environment. This club will hold workshops that prepare newcomers for different opportunities such as job opportunities as well as educational opportunities (college applications).

Project Mission

Our club’s mission is to provide as many opportunities for newcomers as possible. We want to combat isolation and confusion for newcomers. As a newcomer it is easy to feel overwhelmed and unsure of your path. This club will allow newcomers to have opportunities to talk to other newcomers, as well as immigrants who have experience being in the city!

Project Team

An executive team will help my sister and I run the club.

  • Raameen Hamid, Ishmal hamid