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Mira Pfaender

Langley, BC

My name is Mira Pfaender and I am a grade 10 student In Langley, BC. I have been learning a lot about leadership and would like to use my skills to take initiative in my own community and create a positive impact however I can. Growing up my family moved countries several times and as a result I was immersed in many different communities. I was able to experience first-hand the various hardships present in different parts of the world. One issue that remained consistent across these communities was that many low-income families struggle to afford food and other basic necessities. This is an issue that is often overlooked and inspires me to help similar families in my own community.

Give Back Groceries - A Food Donation in Langley

Give Back Groceries is a food donation project organized by Mira Pfaender, a student in BC. Mira will purchase items according to a wish list requested by a local food hub in Langley. This wish list is formulated based on the needs of low-income families who require affordable food. The food hub spends approximately $1000 to $1400 every week to purchase food items for 60-70 families. Mira’s initiative aims to alleviate this cost through donations of food and other basic necessities.

About this Project

Communities Served

My project will involve and/or impact the following communities:

  • At risk youth & children
  • Refugees & newcomers
  • Indigenous Peoples
  • Multi-barrier populations

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

When it comes to community impact projects, the UN has created 17 Sustainable Development Goals. These are the Sustainable Development Goals associated with my project.

  • SDG 2: Zero hunger
  • SDG 3: Good health and Well-being

How the project works

For my project, I will work with a local food hub to create a list of requested foods and other essentials. Next, I will contact a local grocery store, arranging a date for purchase and pickup. My team and I will transport everything and deliver it to the food hub.

Project Impact

My project impacts my community by helping local families, struggling to afford enough food. I will also be making a positive impact on the food hub, helping them maintain their supply. Finally, I will be making an impact on local grocery stores by purchasing from them in bulk.

Project Mission

The mission of my project is to provide essential food and supplies to low income families and their children in Langley. In doing this, I will also be helping a local food hub which is run by volunteers, paying out of pocket to maintain a consistent food supply. All food will be purchased locally to support my community.

Project Team

We are a small team of five families and friend volunteers.