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Madyson Campbell

Rosslyn, ON

Madyson Campbell received her Bachelor of Science from the University of British Columbia in 2023 and is entering her first year of the MD program at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine. She is the co-founder and co-director of the Thunder Bay Free Store. Madyson is a proud citizen of the Metis Nation of Ontario and currently serves as the Region 2 Representative on the Metis Nation of Ontario Youth Council.

Thunder Bay Free Store: Community Care Centre

The Thunder Bay Free Store: Community Care Centre project aimed to create a “community care centre” in an area with demonstrated need in Thunder Bay. A wooden structure serves as a place where community members can take care packages, clothing, toiletries, food items, and any other items deemed necessary, on an anonymous, give-and-take system. We hoped that this project will address food insecurity in our community and individuals’ health and well-being. Alongside this objective, we hoped to involve local youth in the organization process, which will provide an opportunity for youth to connect with each other and give back to their community.

About this Project

Communities Served

My project will involve and/or impact the following communities:

  • Vulnerable individuals (e.g. those experiencing addiction, abuse)
  • Multi-barrier populations
  • At risk youth & children

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

When it comes to community impact projects, the UN has created 17 Sustainable Development Goals. These are the Sustainable Development Goals associated with my project.

  • SDG 1: No poverty
  • SDG 3: Good health and Well-being
  • SDG 10: Reduced inequalities
  • SDG 2: Zero hunger
  • SDG 11: Sustainable cities and communities

How the project works

The team conducted a needs assessment to determine gaps in access to goods and services in our community. We conversed with community members, volunteers and employees who serve vulnerable community members and asked them about the gaps they feel should be addressed. Alongside this needs assessment, we networked with local youth and other local initiatives to strengthen our network of individuals passionate about improving our community. At the end of summer, we built our community care centre and placed it in its designated area. Over the past few months, we have continually filled the structure with items, including foods, toiletries, warm clothes, socks and mitts, tea and coffee, and more. During this time, we have engaged with community members who have accessed the community care centre and have tried to incorporate their feedback in order to best meet the needs of our community.

Project Impact

In the beginning of our project, we set out to improve the lives of those most vulnerable within our community. Through the Thunder Bay Free Store: Community Care Centre, we were able to distribute essential goods to those who needed it most, and we were able to create a hub of positivity within our community - where folks knew they could turn to, whenever they needed. We were also successful in securing additional funding from Tbaytel, which has allowed us to extend our impacts further than we ever could have imagined. We continued to build and stock the community care centre, we distributed holiday gifts to youth living in shelter, and we distributed individual care packages dedicated to keeping folks warm during extreme winter temperatures. Overall, this project achieved its goal of engaging youth in the process of supporting vulnerable community members in Thunder Bay.

Project Mission

The Thunder Bay Free Store: Community Care Centre aims to address gaps in access to essential goods within our community. Alongside this objective, we hope to build a more healthy, resilient community and empower youth who are interested in community service work.

Project Team

Our team consists of a multidisciplinary group of post-secondary students passionate about improving the lives of community members in Thunder Bay.